Wilderness Survival Skills

CA POST approved for LE

This 3 day class gives you basic skill sets that will help keep you alive if you venture out mountain biking, hiking, climbing, off-roading, canyoneering, etc. Learn the latest in trauma care and receive a “Stop The Bleed” certification along with basic life support CPR. A customized trauma kit and tourniquet to take home with you is included in the course cost.

If you go out using a GPS you must be aware that the GPS satellite systems can go down. It did happen this past summer (2020). Can you read the lines on the maps on your GPS to understand the terrain? Can you use a map and compass as your backup for locating where you are and which direction you have to go? This course gives you the basics on map and compass navigation in addition to integrating GPS, PLBs and phone Apps.

On day 3 use you new land navigation skills to locate our ropes training site. Spend the day learning rope safety and equipment, knots and hitches, how to belay and how to rappel. After a day learning the ropes it will be time to navigate back to our cars.

Lunch is included each day.

Course Info


This course is open to the general public, however you must be able to walk up to 2 miles continuously .

  • Durable clothes and walking shoes or boots (our recommendation)



  • Outdoor skills analysis - what is important
  • Trauma and Stop The Bleed
  • MARCHE for casualty care
  • Essentials for wilderness longer term care
  • Update on CPR
  • Land Navigation essentials
    • Map and Compass and why you should know this
    • GPS Devices
    • Personal Locating Beacons (PLB) and Satellite Phones
    • Phone Apps
  • Rope equipment selection for the activity you will be doing
    • Climbing vs Contingency Kit considerations
    • Scrambling Kit
  • Rope Safety
  • Knots and Hitches
  • Descent/Belay devices
  • Single Rope Technique
  • Anchors
  • Rappelling
  • Lowering

Course Cost: $1250

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