3 day Civilian Rope Access Class (RAC)

The purpose of RAC is to provide vertical movement techniques that apply to a full spectrum of environments (urban through mountain). The course covers equipment, descending, ascending, rescue, anchors and more. RAC takes into account that many people are not full time rescuers, where doing rope access may not be in their everyday job description. We do not teach numerous and complicated knots. We teach a small variety of knots and hitches because of their ease to recall and tie when there is an emergency, harsh environmental conditions, etc.

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This course is open to the public 18 years and older. Prior rope experience is not a requirement. Students need to be physically fit. This is a very strenuous course and students must be capable of strenuous physical activity. Work at height is dangerous and a waiver must be signed.

Equipment Requirements
  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Boots or Approach shoes, etc
  • Seat Harness
  • Recommended personal rope gear-
  • 6 carabiners- 4-5 RockExotica Pirate auto-locking, 1 Rock-O (other manufacturers are accepted)
  • Descent device
  • VT Prusik- Bluewater 7mm
  • Petzl Microtraxion or Edelrid SPOC
  • Petzl Rollclip
  • RockExotiva MiniMachined Pulley
  • Purcell Prusik - 16 feet of 6mm cord, preferably made with technora
  • Rope grab- Petzl Tibloc, Wild Country Ropeman 2, etc
  • 25’ of 1” tubular webbing- Sterling or Bluewater

Rappel equipment can be rented, or the complete set can be purchased with prior notice to VTC

***Manufacturer specifications for equipment state that plastics and fabric materials have a useful life of 10 years. Metal products have no “expiration”, however, wear and tear can be inspected for and equipment retired when there is significant wear noted. VTC retains the right to inspect personal equipment brought to a course and deny a participant’s use of said equipment if it does not pass muster.***



  • Equipment selection and inspection
  • Single Rope Technique
  • Knots, hitches, etc
  • Anchors
  • Descending and lowering
  • Edge Transitions
  • Belays
  • Ascending
  • Mechanical Advantage (MA) systems
  • Knot passing
  • Jammed device escape
  • Pick off
  • Uses of tubular webbing


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